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PDW were initially approached by Trafford Housing Trust regarding the development of Shrewsbury Street Village in Old Trafford. The trust were initially concerned that not enough had been done to reach out into the community to explain the extra care offer.

Through our associate Sadia Akram, PDW have been working hard to build up an awareness of the scheme, focusing on those people who perhaps would not immediately see it as a resource that was for them.

PDW achieved this through:

As a result of our involvement, we have increased the awareness of extra care across all communities, engaging with larger numbers of older people and identifying a number of potential residents who are interested in rent and purchase options.

Moving onto the next stage, PDW will continue its engagement with the community, improving the ways in which local people can begin to influence how services are provided and keeping the momentum going as the development of Shrewsbury Street Village gets under way.

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