Bristol City Council

DPM & SPM Production

Bristol City Council expressed an interest in our services for us to provide procedures via our bespoke Development Manual and Sales Manual products. Bristol City Council will benefit from having a tailored DPM in order to continue developing properties through their Local Housing Company which was set up in 2018. The SPM will also be bespoke to Bristol City Council and will be utilised for referring to processes when dealing with a variety of potential sales tenures, such as shared ownership or outright sale properties.
The Manuals will take into account all of Bristol City Council’s existing procedures and draw on them to incorporate tailored appendices and schedules. We do this for each client that we produce DPM and SPM for, with ongoing support available. Briefing notes are provided on a regular basis that reflect the latest news in the industry as part of the subscription service to the DPM. The Manual provides a comprehensive guide to development from inception through to audit.