PDW are leaders in development staff training in the UK.

Throughout our history we have provided bespoke training to development staff, teams and governing bodies.

Recognising the growing need for more new development expertise within HA’s and LA’s, PDW have now designed in depth training courses covering every aspect of the development process as well as providing context for the UK housing sector.

We have designed courses, (usually 1 day per week or 2 days per month), running 4 times per year throughout the UK. Courses can be from 10 weeks to 52 weeks depending on requirements.

We can provide places for development staff from housing associations and local authorities on existing courses or deliver courses to individual organisations if required.

Our courses also refer to detailed development procedure guidance which is available to all delegates.

Our case study for our current work with Bristol Housing Partnership (BHP) is a good example of the in depth courses we now deliver.


Introduction to development


Section 106 acquisitions

Managing market rent

Sales and shared ownership

Successful handovers

Extra care



Leasehold management

Local authority development

Our Managing Director David Bethell shares some useful thoughts and reflections for #DevelopmentTeams during this uncertain time #Training #Planning #Procedures #Healthcheck

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Our Managing Director David Bethell shares some useful thoughts and reflections for #DevelopmentTeams during this uncertain time #Training #Planning #Procedures #Healthcheck

Development Teams – What Next?

The implications of the Covid 19 crisis on development programmes for the affordable housing sector are starting to sink in... For current projects, sites have, in the main, closed and new projects and programmes have been, at best, disrupted and stalled. Alongside...

Supporting Warrington Housing Association in a new S106 scheme

PDW Ltd is working with Warrington Housing Association and Seddon Homes Ltd to secure 24 homes for affordable rent and shared ownership at Zodiac in Warrington under a Section 106 arrangement. We are pleased to announce that the Development Agreement has now been...

PDW’s Development Training Programmes now available Online

Last year we launched our Development Training Programmes which are focused on ensuring people new to development can fully grasp the policy context for the housing sector and gain a detailed knowledge and understanding of technical issues and procedures. The course...