Audit service solutions

by | Jun 14, 2018 | News

As an established housing consultancy PDW offer a specialised HCA and GLA audit service. Working across the sector for local authorities, non-profit and profit Registered Providers PDW have established a number of Audit Service Solutions.

HCA/GLA Independent Audit Services. PDW offer Independent Audit services for both the GLA and HCA compliance audit. In the last round of HCA/GLA compliance audits PDW carried out a number of audits in both London and the North West.

Pre-Audit Solutions. PDW have provided development support to a vast range of organisations over the years and are experienced in managing audit files to ensure schemes are always HCA/GLA audit compliant. We can provide an in-house pre-audit service to prepare your staff and audit files prior to a HCA/GLA compliance audit.

PDW are currently working with a number of Registered Providers on providing audit services, bringing files up to date and liaising with development teams to offer guidance and support in preparing audit files. Not only for HCA/GLA compliance audit but for in-house audits and to ensure good practice in moving forward.

If you have any audit requirements, please do not hesitate to contact Lindsay Grey on 0330 9000990 (mobile 07753 220993)