Build Build Build……….

by | Jul 7, 2020 | News

‘Build Build Build’ was the message Boris wanted to give last week……

For affordable housing providers and developers this should be welcomed, and there are lots of reasons why housing associations and developers can take this moment in time to review their development programmes and approach to new business in an effort to maximise output over the coming years.

So what are the big challenges?

There are of course numerous complex factors that impact on our ability to deliver housing development programmes. Probably the two most common constraints that are raised in discussions within the housing sector revolve around resources available (capacity within contractor and developer teams), and ability to identify and acquire suitable sites for development.

The much anticipated reforms to planning policy in the UK may well have a positive impact on our prospects to deliver more housing and at least mitigate some of the risks of uncertainty in the planning process.

Details of the new £12bn affordable homes programme, support for SME builders and developers, and a drive towards more efficient construction practices are all positive components that will encourage HAs and developers to move forward with ambitious development plans.

How can we help?

PDW can help bring forward suitable housing sites, manage pre contract development programmes and provide development management and project management for new housing development programmes.

If your focus is on expanding and recruiting in-house development teams, why not consider our extensive programme of development training courses and development procedures guidance?