Training and Development Programme

Following PDW’s training and development programme for Bristol Housing Partnership (a strategic partnership between several housing associations and Bristol City Council), we were approached by LiveWest (a member of BHP) to produce a 20 week training and development programme, delivered over a 6 to 12 month period. 

The programme is tailor made for seven LiveWest members of staff.  PDW are delivering the programme in the format of one full day of training in Exeter.  The training programme has six modules covering the key stages of the development process and includes practical examples of good practice, individual and group exercises, guest speakers, site visits and supporting information.

LiveWest have commissioned a copy of our bespoke Development Procedures Manual product which provides a comprehensive guide to development from inception through to audit.  Not only is does this product take into account all of LiveWest’s existing procedures and draw on them to incorporate tailored appendices and schedules; the students have the benefit of a manual which is referenced throughout the training programme.